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April 05 2016


Bass Guitar Samples - Free bass Guitar Samples - Royalty Free samples- Bass Loops

Bass samples
Published on 21 Mar 2016(9 days ago)
Bass Sample 001, Electric Bass Guitar sample recorded by �Royalty Free Music� with added chorus, reverb, compression and stereo delay. Just take a listen above and you will probably hear modifications between the effects. Subscribe - https://goo.gl/evUBYI for Your Royalty Free Samples and Loops dropped here per week.

free bass samples
- Bass Sample 001
- Download this Bass Sample for in charge of FREE- http://goo.gl/ZjnMp2
- Obtained from Sample Pack 001- https://goo.gl/EGCI16
- Key Dm
- 110 BPM

The more subscribers greater freebies and loops we are able to upload!

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